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Introducing the Twelve Days of Awesome

So the Twelve Days of Christmas are over, and if you’re anything like me you need something to get you through the grey, miserable beginning of the year.

And so, welcome to the Twelve Days of Awesome, a celebration of some of the most awesome things that I think reality has to offer!

You might not agree with my choices, but I’ve tried to stick to the little known, little understood and often misrepresented. I hope you enjoy this series of posts!


Hello World!

Yes, yes, hello indeed!

Welcome to the first post on my new blog. I’m way behind schedule. I started planning this idly thinking about this back in the spring, but I have delayed its birthday until now because I had so many ideas for what I wanted it to become that I got overwhelmed. Recently I realised that in order to become anything, something has to exist in the first place, so here it is.

Get ready with the red ribbon and the scissors. It’s probably too soon, I am definitely under-prepared but nevertheless I am just about ready to go…

Actual content will follow in 5…4…3……