QED part 2

It’s breakfast time on day 2 of QED and I thought I would take the opportunity to update you all on yesterday afternoon’s high jinks!
We had a fantabulous, if somewhat mindboggling, talk about the possibility of time travel from Jim Al Khalili, which was followed by Chris Atkins telling us all about the cult of celebrity. His talk was as hilarious as it was scary, and featured guest appearances, appropriately enough, from Max Clifford, Simon Cowell, Amy Winehouse, one-fifth of Girls Aloud and Bob Geldof! Chris French, ghost hunter and psychologist extraordinaire, was up next, and he gave us a fantastic insight into the psychology of haunting experiences.
The talks were rounded off by the awesome Steven Novella who told us all the ways our brains fool us – his talk could be subtitled “Why our brains kind of suck”, he told us!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the evening Gala dinner and entertainment was epic! I had the pleasure of sitting with Jim Al Khalili who proved himself to be a wonderful dinner companion – we talked about everything from physics to linguistics to football! His reaction to the video Matt Parker played was also quite amusing!!

We also were entertained by the fantastically enthusiastic Helen Keen who talked at a hundred miles an hour about space, and was truly great! People, see her show! We finished the night with a set from George Hrab, which was great, and because I’m running out of superlatives, I’ll leave it at that!

The QED scarf was excited to meet Jim Al Khalili, Matt Parker, George Hrab, Mike Hall and lots of others! If you see it, come say hi!


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