QED part 1

It’s lunch break at QED and lots of skeptics are eating sandwiches in the hotel bar!
This morning has been excellent! Bruce Hood opened proceedings with a talk about our apparent in built tendency to believe supernatural things such as mind-body duality and essentialism. He was a super, funny and engaging speaker, and I am certainly going to seek out his book!
We then had Kat Akingbade who was obviously incredibly nervous but had some interesting things to say about the perception of religion by atheists and skeptics, and vice versa. I must admit I disagreed with some of her positive aspects of religion – but as I said on Twitter I actually prefer some disagreement, since without it we’d risk becoming a bunch of skeptical yes men…
We then had a great panel about Ghost Hunting with Hayley Stevens, Trystan Swale and Chris French. They really complimented each other with different perspectives on the same subject and I enjoyed their humorous anecdotes too!
I have made a crocheted QED scarf which will be auctioned for charity and I’d love to introduce it to as many people as possible! If you see a tall girl with plum-coloured hair and an awesome scarf – come say hi!!


3 responses to “QED part 1

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  2. Hello! Thanks for the positive comments about QED, even though it was what seems like an eternity ago. It’s no mean feat sitting through 45 minutes of me talking rubbish!

    • Hi Trystan! Thanks for your comment. I can’t quite believe how long ago it seems now, where is the year going?! Anyway, I really enjoyed the whole event, definitely including your contribution. 🙂

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